Best 10 Lipsticks for Indian Dusky skin tones

Indian skin is beautiful since it varies so much; we have a variety of complexion tones ranging from pale to wheatish to dark, which provides you with a choice.

While choosing a lipstick, you must consider its undertones and how well they complement the undertones of your complexion.

Look for lip color shades that enhance that undertone rather than overpower it. Please scroll down to discover our selection of lipstick guides for skin tones and instructions on determining your optimal undertone.


1. Maybelline New york color sensational creamy matte lipstick: nude nuance

One of the best lipsticks for a dusky complexion is the Maybelline New York Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick in Nude Nuance. With moisturizing shea butter included, this affordable lipstick looks amazing on people with darker complexion tones. A caring oil for soft, smooth lips gives stunning color and a sensual, cozy feeling. This lipstick only has one effortless glide for perfection and has a 12-hour lasting power. Sensational color is given a deep and cozy feeling with this creamy-matte lipstick formula, which comes in 30 incredibly attractive tones.

2. Faces Canada weightless matte finish lipstick: Buff nude 05

Anyone with light or medium complexion tones should use the Faces Canada Weightless Matte Finish Lipstick in Buff Nude. This affordable beauty staple is one of the finest lipstick colors for Indian skin tones and is packed with almond, jojoba, and vitamin E oil. This lipstick is a smooth matte texture of the powder, a Pigment-rich, plush formulation, is Lightweight and comfortable against the lips, and has full to medium coverage. Additionally, it ensures a vibrant color payoff with only one stroke. Further, this product claims to be cruelty-free, Peta Approved 8, and completely free from alcohol, talc, and Phthalates.

3. Anastasia Beverly hills matte lipstick: Spice

Anastasia Beverly Hills gives you the most suitable matte lipstick shades for dusky skins, which has comfortable wearability and a velvety-smooth ultra-matte finish. This indispensable matte lipstick lets you create countless lip looks because it comes in a vast selection of neutral tones, vibrant accent shades, and bold colors. Moreover, the Anastasia matte lipstick, which has a heart-shaped bullet, offers exceptional control for a precise and even application of lip color.

Best Brown lipsticks for Indian skin

4. Nykaa, so creme! Creamy matte lipstick: Wakeup Makeup

A creamy matte finish and all-day comfort are promised by the light pink-nude Creamy Matte Lipstick in the shade Wakeup Makeup. The majority of Indian skin tones can wear it well. This is a must-have makeup item if you love natural and minimal makeup looks. This product is one of the most natural-looking lipstick shades for Indian skin. It has a creamy formula that is comfortable on the lips, creamy and hydrating, affordable, and provides you with a semi-matte look. There are currently 18 Nykaa So Creme Lipstick shades available, ranging from neutrals with all undertones to pinks, reds, and browns.

5. Lakme absolute matte ultimate lip color with argan oil: Brunch Nude

A glamorous matte lipstick line suitable for any occasion is now available from Lakmé Absolute under the name Matte Ultimate Lip color with Argan oil. The collection includes 12 trendy colors in shades ranging from deep plum to fierce red. The lightweight formula is infused with luxurious argan oil to nourish your lips and prevent them from drying. Each bullet has a smooth, velvety matte finish that feels comfortable on your lips and delivers a vibrant, intense color payoff. Use the best matte lip color to flaunt a sensational pout! This can be your go-to lipstick cause this is surely among the best lipsticks for brown skin.

6. Charlotte Tilbury matte revolution: Cover Star

Charlotte Tilbury matte revolution: Cover Star is a warm undertone lipstick shade you need. This light, warm apricot lipstick mimics the lips’ natural nude pigments to give them a fuller, wider appearance! The extracts from trees and orchids soften, guard, and hydrate lips. 3D glowing pigments create the appearance of lit-from-within lips that are fuller and wider. The long-lasting color can smoothly glide over lips thanks to an ideal combination of oils and waxes. For a flawless application and precise finish, the cutting-edge, square-angled tip resembles the shape of a lip brush. You can build long-lasting color lasting up to 10 hours* thanks to a blend of oils, triglycerides, and waxes. If you do have a fair to medium skin tone, Cover Star goes great with Lip Cheat in Iconic Nude or Hot Gossip or Foxy Brown if you have a deep skin tone.

Best red lipstick for Indian skin tone

7. Kay Beauty Matte Drama Long Stay Lipstick — Rolling!

The Kay Beauty Matte Drama Long Stay Lipstick in Rolling is renowned for its plush, velvety texture. This lipstick provides UV and blue light protection while hydrating your lips and nourishing them with red raspberry and grapeseed oils. This matte lipstick will not budge from your lips and gives you a high-impact color with just a single stroke. You can choose from 24 shades apart from this ranging from pinks and nudes to mauves and plums, that will flatter all Indian skin tones. The distinguished weightless formula is comfortable to wear all day and feels feathery light on the lips.

8. Sugar matte attack transfer-proof lipstick: 17 Grateful Red

This SUGAR lipstick is bold and gorgeous, making it one of the best lipstick colors for wheatish skin. It has a creamy texture, a non-drying matte finish, and is infused with jojoba oil, making it comfortable to wear all day. With a delicately balanced mixture of nourishing ingredients, these luxurious SUGAR matte lipstick shades not only impart vivid, transfer-proof color but also hydrate and protect lips. In addition, it has a lightweight, creamy, non-drying formula rich in pigments. It is built with a slim bullet that enables the most precisely defined lip line and cupid’s bow to ensure accurate application.

9. Maybelline new york super stay matte ink liquid lipstick: 50 Voyager

With Maybelline New York’s Super Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick, ink your lips in rich matte for up to 16 hours! It has a unique arrow applicator on this intensely pigmented liquid matte lipstick that allows for precise application. The 36 super-saturated colors range from classic red liquid lipstick to nude and bold brilliant lipstick tones, and the composition is long-lasting and provides a beautiful matte finish. Use Maybelline’s SuperStay Eraser lipstick remover for simple removal. This is a rich liquid lipstick for dusky skin.


Finding the ideal lipstick color for your skin tone is a challenge for every Indian girl, but we have got you covered. Lipsticks are One of those beauty products that can make or break your entire look is lipstick. Nothing but lipstick can highlight your smile, define your features, and keep you looking youthful and sassy all day. But every lipstick shade has its own mood, as the saying goes. With this article, you can make an informed decision about choosing the best lipstick according to your skin’s undertone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to apply lipstick?

A1. Never forget to exfoliate your lips before applying lipstick, and always make sure to outline your lips for a sharp shape. It’s time to fill in the outline after it has been completed! Focus on the center with brief strokes. Start with the cupid’s bow, move through the middle, then the outer edges, float across the bottom through your mouth’s contour, and fill in.

Q2. Which lipstick is best for daily use?

A2. You can opt from the following for daily use:

  • Maybelline new york color sensational creamy matte lipstick: nude nuance
  • Faces Canada weightless matte finish lipstick: Buff nude 05
  • Charlotte Tilbury matte revolution: Cover Star

Q3. What is a skin undertone?

A3. The color that comes from beneath the surface of your skin and influences your overall hue is called an undertone. Three undertones are: cool, warm, and neutral. Knowing your skin’s undertone may help you select a foundation or color scheme that best compliments your complexion.

Q4. How to find your skin undertone?

A4. You can quickly and easily determine your skin’s undertone at home. Look at your wrists’ undersides and pay close attention to the veins’ color.

Cool: You have a cool undertone if your veins appear purple or blue.

Warm: You have a warm undertone if your veins appear greenish or olive.

You have a neutral undertone if you cannot identify the predominant color in your veins.

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