• Emily


    Business by training but an emerging technology explorer at heart. With a curiosity for tech exploration, which has paved the way for many an inspiring story.

  • Mark Inman, Ph.D.

    Mark Inman, Ph.D.

    I make movies, music, art, and I’m coding/researching general AI. My dissertation is a philosophy of science and administration through structural semantics.

  • Guy Amitai

    Guy Amitai

  • Gregory Wickham

    Gregory Wickham

    Programmer, Education Writer, Student

  • Jeremiah Karrs

    Jeremiah Karrs

  • Wanatchapong Man

    Wanatchapong Man

  • Muthukumar RaviKumar

    Muthukumar RaviKumar

    M RaviKumar

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